Dawning Consults

Helping Owners Achieve Small Business Successes. 
Stephanie Dawning, President of Dawning Consults LLC, brings 30 years of business analysis and optimization success to your business, department, or project. 
Don't let the pursuit of perfection interfere with progress toward your goal. 

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Dawning Consults LLC started in January, 2017, when I focussed on ways to build creativity and joy into my work. 

My consults with clients will be set strongly in the fundamental knowledge that we can love our work. Individual tasks will be challenging and maybe even unpleasant if our skills and interests lie elsewhere, so we reach out to the larger business community. 

For example, many small business owners started out to do work they love (e.g., plumbing, writing, auto repair, hair and beauty consulting) only to find themselves overwhelmed by administrative details. 

I recognized an ideal niche for my work, because I love those administrative and business details. 
I have 30 years of business successes in support of
  • small businesses and large corporations,
  • for-profits and not-for-profits,
  • whole-company and department/team scopes.

With Dawning Consults every challenge you face let's me exercise another aspect of my broad experience. You may need process analysis and a custom-coded database solution, while your sister-in-law needs social media marketing assistance or bookkeeping. ​

Finding just the right answer
for a small, short-term project is as fun for me as troubleshooting complex situations. 

My approach to business success is continuous improvement toward a moving target. Only you will know how quickly and in what direction the target is moving in your small company, so communication is the key to our work together. 


Give me a call and let's discover how I can help you
to grow and improve your business.